The Mindful Counselor

I’m Nirmeen Valiani, a Licensed Professional Counselor based in Houston, Texas. I work with individuals on exploring a wide range of issues from anxiety, depression, daily life stressors, and trauma to everyday parenting challenges.

Most of our physical and emotional stress comes from lack of knowledge on how to manage our feelings and reactions. Everyone has stress, but not everyone is feeling "stressed out" all the time. If you’re reading this, chances are that you value a fulfilling, joyful and balanced lifestyle.

Why Counseling?

As a counselor, I believe in inspiring people to find their own path of healing. I provide a compassionate, non-judgmental and safe environment that allows you to explore the root causes of your feelings. In my integrative practice, I use talk therapy to identify the source of your feelings and help you to be with them without being in a constant state of stress.

I use mindfulness techniques to assist in forming new healthy habits that will result in a positive change in your behavior, change in your feelings and ultimately a change in your lifestyle. Some clear benefits to counseling are:


Increase Flexibility

Learn how to get “unstuck”. Build resilience to adverse events and bounce back when life throws you off.
Boosts Productivity

Reduce Stress

Take control of your stress instead of feeling “stressed out” all the time. Separate yourself from your emotions and practice self-care techniques.
Reduce Stress

Balance in Life

Balance your mental and physical health by identifying the unhealthy habits that cause you stress and replace them with healthy habits.
Balance in Life

Boost Productivity

Train your brain. Learn how to focus on the task at hand and increase your concentration.
“When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves.” Victor E. Frankl